Oversized Choral Folder Filing Systems

Small World Music Folders System

This system is just the right size for storing the Small World Black Music Folder or the Choralex Compact. 

This system comes in two standard heights, label printing software is avaialable here.



"The Best Music Folders for Choirs"

Check out the musicfolder.com website.  They offer the highest quality music folders for choirs. Their folders are designed and built by choral community members with the unique needs of the choral community in mind. This is why they're trusted and renowned throughout the world.


Oversized Choral Folder Filing Systems

SKU Width Height Depth Incl. hanging folders Price Quantity
SWF367615E 36" 76.25" 15" none/empty $419.00
SWF367615F 36" 76.26" 15" 100 $867.00
SWF368815F 36" 88.25" 15" 150 $1,160.00
SWF368815E 36" 88.25" 15" none/empty $488.00

Hanging folders for Oversized Choral Folder Filing Systems

SKU Folder base Price Quantity
LCL V-base $112.00

Tambour Doors for Oversized Choral Folder Filing Systems

SKU Width Door Height Price Quantity
ROLL3676 36" 76" $1,150.00
ROLL3688 36" 88" $1,250.00


We are still loving our Music Filing System. The amount of space it has saved us has been amazing.

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