Recommended Label Formats

Label printing software is available here.

Directors will want varied information on their labels.  It also depends upon what you are looking for, when seeking a piece of music.  Remember, the more info you want on the label, the smaller the type size will be. Typically, a number and a title will work well.  Sometimes adding a "CB" in front of the number will signify Concert Band music, JB for Jazz Band, etc.  Choral departments will sometimes want a column for voicing added (i.e., SATB).  Orchestras sometimes file by composer, then title.

Advantages of numbering your selections
What is the advantage to numbering your musical selections?  Numbering your selections will allow you to file new music add the end of the filing, and eliminate the need to inter-file, and shift files around.  Also, all your newer selections will be near the end of the filing. The disadvantage may be that you will need to look up the number, prior to looking for the file.

Labels available in colors
You can request to have different sets of music in varied colors -

White is the most popular, as the contrast is the best.  Some schools will want their concert band in white, jazz band in yellow, Christmas in green, SATB in Pink, etc.   You will just need to tell us which color you would like. Available colors include:




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