Determining Music Filing System Size Requirements

Determining the right system size for your collection

If you are currently using file cabinets:

Count the number of file drawers, and the number of inches capacity in each drawer.  Typically, four drawer cabinets will have 25" in each drawer.  So each file cabinet will have 100 filing inches capacity.  If you have 12 file cabinets, you will then have 1,200 lineal filing inches.

The Music Filing System will be either 6 or 7 levels high.  You will then multiply the width in inches by the number of levles.  For instance, if you choose a 36" wide x 88" high unit (7 levels), the capacity will be 252 lineal filing inches.  5 of these units wiill provide 1,260 lineal filing inches, and occupy 15 feet of wall space.

The number of folders needed will depend upon the number of titles in your library.  The Music Filing Systems ending with an "F" will include a starter set of folders.  You can also order the shelving units without folders (with the "E" ending), and then order the folders separately.


We love the filing system. When I show it off to people they are amazed with how professional it looks.

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