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At Music Filing Systems, we are committed to helping you find the right storage solution for your needs. This Learning Center contains resources that can help you determine your storage needs and instructions on how to assemble select storage solutions. 


Determining the right system size for your collection

If you are currently using file cabinets:  Count the number of file drawers, and the number of inches capacity in each drawer. Typically, four drawer cabinets will have 25" in each drawer.  So each file cabinet will have 100 filing inches capacity.  If you have 12 file cabinets, then you will need 1,200 lineal filing inches. 

The Music Filing System will be either 6 or 7 levels high. You will then multiply the width in inches of the Music Filing System by the number of levels. For instance, if you choose a 36" wide x 88" high unit (7 levels), the capacity will be 252 lineal filing inches. 5 of these units will provide 1,260 inches, and occupy 15 feet wide of wall space.

The number of Folders needed will depend upon the number of titles in your library.  The Music Filing Systems ending with an "F" will inclde a starter set of folders.  You can also order the shelving units without folders (with the "E" ending), and then order the Folders separately.

Designing your room for greatest space efficiency

Music Filing Systems can be installed to fit your available wall space.  The best situation is to line the perimeter of the room with shelving. By combining multiple shelving sections into connected ranges, you can maximize the room's capacity.




Compared to file cabinets, the Music Filing System allows you to get more sheet music in the same space, and at the same time open up the room for other uses.  When making an "L" configuration, remember to leave 12 inches clear in the corners, so that the shelving does not overlap.


Although 76" high units (with 6 levels) offer better space efficiency than file cabinets, going higher with 88" high units (with 7 levels) will get you more space savings, and more for your money!  Taller units are also available by special quote.

When to choose v-base folders or box bottom folders

Most of your music (85% on the average) will fit in the v-base compartments.  The v-base compartments will expand up to 1 1/2" fo thicker selections, but if your music is only 1/4" thick, that's all the space it will take.  Also the v-base compartments use gravity to support the sides of the music (so it wont curl up in there). A small selection of 1" box bottom or 2" box bottom compartments can be nice if you have some selections that are thicker.  The use for the 3" size is pretty rare.


Deciding the appropriate depth of a Fixed Music Filing System

Almost all of your music files will fit into 12" deep file folders (compartments).   If you have your music files stored in legal size envelopes, you an remove the music from the envelopes and and insert them directly into the 12" deep folders.  However, if you want to keep your music in the legal size envelopes, we offer the  15" deep legal size shelving and hanging folders.  Note that 12" deep (Letter size) folders only firt into the 12" deep shelving and 15" deep (legal size) folders only fit into 15" deep shelving.

Assembly Instructions

If you have ordered one of our fixed sheet music filing systems click here  for assembly instructions.

If converting existing wooden shelving to insert a sheet music filing system using our rail kit, click here for installation instructions.

Order Free File Labels

To order your free file labels for a product you purchased from us, email your list of titles to labels@musicfiling.com   We will print them for you on perforated cardboard sheets, then mail them to you the next day.

Recommended labels format

We prefer your list to be sent to us in Excel spreadsheet format.  Directors will want varied information on their labels.  It also depends upon what you are looking for, when seeking a piece of music.  We will print whatever you want on the label. But remember, the more info you want on the label, the smaller the type size will be. Typically, a number and a title will work well.  Sometimes adding a "CB" in front of the number will signify Concert Band music, JB for Jazz Band, etc.  Choral departments will sometimes want a column for voicing added (i.e., SATB).  Orchestras sometimes file by composer, then title.

Advantages of numbering your selections

What is the advantage to numbering your musical selections?  Numbering your selections will allow you to file new music add the end of the filing, and eliminate the need to inter-file, and shift files around.  Also, all your newer selections will be near the end of the filing. The disadvantage may be that you will need to look up the number, prior to looking for the file.

Labels available in colors

You can request to have different sets of music in varied colors - it's stil free!

White is the most popular, as the contrast is the best.  Some schools will want their concert band in white, jazz band in yellow, Christmas in green, SATB in Pink, etc.   You will just need to tell us which color you would like. Available colors include:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Orange





How many folders can I fit in my Music Filing unit?

First, determine the amount of lineal filing inches available.  For instance, a 36" wide x 7 level high system (MFS368812) has a capacity of 252 inches (36 X 7).

Next divide those inches by the average thickness of each selection.  At an average thickness of 1 inch, you could fit 250 titles in the system unit.  At an average thickness of 1/2", 500 titles would fit.  Most bands will have an average thickness between 1/2" to 3/4".  So your number will probably come in between 350 and 400 titles per unit.


"Got the cabinets, and they are beautiful! Now the task of filling them up! They were easy to assemble! Thanks!" JR

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